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Gold Will Reach USD5000 per once

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Why The Founder Of The Second Largest Gold Mining Company In The World Says That Gold Will Reach $5,000 Per Ounce!

By Richard Rockwell
If the price of gold rising to $5,000 sounds far fetched to you, you may remember it probably sounded just as far fetched for gold to go over $1,000 per ounce back in 2001...

There are 5 fundamental reasons that gold will go that high...and possibly higher!

1) Inflation

If you weren't one of the lucky ones back in 2001 to get the message and see returns of 400% on gold, hang on because this next run could allow you to easily make up for that missed opportunity MANY times over. With the worldwide Central Banks have rolled out an unheard of $12 Trillion Dollars in Stimulus programs and more than DOUBLED the US money supply! Never before in US history has there been such a massive paper print that could put the final nails in the US dollar's coffin. Remember the relationship with the Dollar vs. Gold? When the dollar is weakened what happens to gold? It goes UP, UP, UP!

2) Demand

You aren't the only one receiving this knowledge; the writing is on the wall. Investors and hedge funds alike are gobbling up more gold in more huge quantities than ever before. For those in the US that are still asleep at the switch, watch out investors in India will buy whatever you don't want. Let's not forget China, who is not shy about telling it's citizens to invest in all of the gold and silver they can afford. Can you say a BILLION people? So here's the lesson from Economics 101. When Demand increases and SUPPLY DECREASES, what happens to the PRICE? Elementary my dear Watson!

3) Follow The "Smart Money"

Have you heard the phrase "If you want to be rich, copy what the rich invest in" So what are the richest people in the world investing in? Drum roll please...You got it, GOLD! Black Rock Inc. one of the largest investment mangers said that 2009 was the turning point...For the first time in over 20 YEARS the Central Banks have become Net BUYERS as opposed to Net Sellers of Gold.

4) Currency Crisis Coming

History (Fill in the blank)_______ itself. We have already seen what has happened to Portugal, Spain, Italy, Ireland, Iceland, and Greece. We have also seen the UK and countless other economies struggling. This is ALWAYS what happens with a currency that is only backed by the FAITH of the issuer. There has NEVER in the history of the world been a fiat (man made) currency that has survived...NEVER! If you're still out there thinking that the US Dollar can make a "comeback" with all that has happened, then you will be like the farmer that won't go into the root cellar thinking that the tornado heading for his house will certainly go around him! Again let me say NEVER in history has ANY fiat currency survived, and the US dollar will be no exception. If you do not have gold, what you will have will be plain and simple...paper and ink.

5) As Easy As 1,2,3

The move to $5,000 or more per ounce is sure to happen in 3 distinct phases, with each stage rapidly accelerating the previous one. Phase 1 Currency will continue to devaluate to almost nothing. HINT -- The US dollar has already lost 97% of its purchasing power since its inception! Phase 2 will be the strongest levels of investment demand the world has ever seen. By Phase 3, the price of gold will not move gradually, but rather TAKE OFF like each bar of bullion is strapped to a rocket! The price of gold today will seem like chump change in comparison!


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